Twitter: West Ham get vocal and top tweet chart, as Spurs look a little left behind

Twiter spat

November 3 – It was a strong week for twitter activity last week with a total of 4,739 tweets from the Premier League teams, the second highest week this season after the 5,085 tweets in week ending Sunday September 18.

Most vocal were West Ham with 450 tweets over the week, perhaps not surprisingly in a contentious week for the club with more fan violence and London Lord Mayor Sadiq Khan questioning the practicality of the costs of letting West Ham use the London Olympic Stadium at a beneficial rate.

One stadium expert even suggested the stadium be pulled down.

But while tweets were at a high level, in comparison, a total of 202,800 new followers across the Premier League clubs, made this one of the weaker weeks in terms of total new followers.

There does not seem to be a ceiling to the growth of new followers to clubs but there has been a gentle slowdown in the growth. It may suggest that finally with numbers drying up slightly the social media teams within the clubs are having to increase volume.

Manchester United returned to the top of the table after two weeks of being second to Arsenal, though the margins of their lead are nowhere near the weekly 20,000+ gap they were achieving for most of last season.

The slowdown in Chelsea followers continues with Man City continuing to come in fourth position in the weekly chart. Man City seem to have crossed a divide in terms of followers. Previously Man City increases generally fluttered around the 12-14,000 mark. Now they are regularly closer to 20,000 and in the mix with Liverpool and Chelsea, though Man Utd and Chelsea are double that number.

In comparison Spurs, who are desperate to join the big clubs in all measures of football activity, are substantially further back 7,100 new followers this week. They need to find something to prevent them being left too far behind the top group of five clubs.

It will be interesting to see if the stellar performance by Man City in beating Barcelona 3-1 in the Champions League has an impact on their twitter growth. Similarly with Spurs who packed 85,000 into Wembley Stadium for their unedifying Champions League loss to Bayer Leverkusen. Any gain in twitter followers would likely be for negative reasons than positive. Certainly twitter activity amongst fans was highly negative.

West Ham are now within touching distance of hitting a million followers. They would probably prefer to find some better behaved ones.


Source: Insideworldfootball

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