Fanbox to deepen club/fan relationship with behavioral marketing platform

October 11 – New sports technology businesss Fanbox has launched a behavioral marketing platform for clubs that it says will change the way they interact with fans for good.

Fanbox’s digital platform generates data sets of behavioral analysis from the real-time combination of both digital and physical actions by its users. Those actions give each fan a ranking (FPI- Fan Performance Indicator), which will indicate to the club that fan’s potential value.

The technology not only holds data on who the fans are fans and where they are located, but also on what they are doing and how they are interacting with the multiple touchpoints available.

“Getting to know how fans live the experience of sport and what kind of personal relationships they have established with their teams, is a fundamental asset of behavioral information for any marketing activity a company wants to undertake,” said a company press release.

Fanbox is a joint venture between digital loyalty specialists Advice Group and AWE Sport International, a sports marketing agency.

Fulvio Furbatto, CEO of Advice Group, said: “This new company allows us to finally bring progress marketing in sport, thus applying behavioral loyalty techniques to a sector that is still unripe. We are talking about monetizing undervalued relationships inside already-existing vertical communities.

“With FANBOX, clubs, sport committees and federations have the possibility to know their fans and straightforwardly establish a dialogue with no mediation from third parties that, up to today, have taken advantage of this gap.”

The Fanbox technology intergrates with existing CRM technologies with the aim of delivering a deeper relationship and ‘managed’ pathway of the that relationship between the club and the fan.

Romy Gai, president and co-founder of AWE Sport International, said: “It’s evident that the sport industry is going through a period of change. New challenges await on different fields of play: media, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, athlete formation, game formats. And I believe that the relationship with fans plays a pivotal role in each and every one of them, because passion has always been – and always will be – the greatest common denominator of our work.”

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