CBF exports its Brazilian football brand to China

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February 1 – The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has signed a deal with Chinese company Kingdomway to promote youth football development over the next 15 years by transferring knowledge and know-how to China. 

It is the first time that the CBF, heading the Brazilian national team and the Brazilian domestic league, has tapped into the Chinese market with the expressed purpose of exporting Brazil’s expertise in the game.

“It’s a unique opportunity to expose the brand of Brazilian football in the largest market in the world,” said Rogerio Caboclo, who will be sworn in as the new president of the CBF in April.

The partnership wants to strengthen the ties between Brazil and China by promoting and teaching the Brazilian way of playing the game to children and teenagers in China. The methodology of the CBF Academy will be exported, but initially coach education will focus on the C license only. The deal was facilitated by Brazil’s Ministry of Citizenship, responsible for the areas of culture, sports and social development.  Wu Lei, as CEO, represented Kingdomway Sports alongside Chinese embassy personnel.

“Sports are a bond to strengthen the ties between these two peoples,” said minister Osmar Terra. “I have had the opportunity to learn about the entire project and I am sure that the CBF Academy has much to contribute to the development of football in China, and this desire of the Chinese government that football will be practiced in every schools of the country.

“The government sees this partnership as very beneficial,” said special sports secretary Marco Aurelio. “China is taking a big step towards having a high level of football in its country and we have a lot to learn about how China will structure the project to promote football in schools.”

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