Andrew Warshaw: Breakfast with Platini, Qatar 2022, but don't mention the FIFA presidency

Breakfast with Michel Platini is an annual media gathering on the fringes of the Champions League draw in Monaco that has become almost de rigueur for anyone trying to get inside the head of the UEFA president.

Informal and charmingly mischievous, you invariably get him in an engaging, outgoing mood - in a variety of languages - away from all those official functions and formalities.

Yet among the nods, winks, innuendos and wise-cracking, Platini always provides informative, on-the-record intelligent value when it comes to his personal - and often contentious - take on football's ills and how to resolve them.

So it was last Friday when he took time out to pour further fuel on a number of burning issues, not least the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.