INSIDE World Football launched in China with NetEase

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January 9 – INSIDE World Football is proud to announce our new and groundbreaking partnership with NeEase – -and its main sports portal where INSIDE World Football will be a daily feature in Chinese. Launched today, INSIDE World football’s daily content is available to some 500 million Chinese users. NetEase is one of China’s most visited websites and China’s largest email services provider.

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Inside Insight: About sour puss and bread and games

If one looks at Europe, or the so-called Western world for that matter as a whole, the headlines scream economic and financial mayhem, massive youth unemployment, rigged Libor rates, faked growth figures, dishonesty everywhere, bankster madness and a complete disorientation if not alienation of large parts of society, literally everywhere.

Nothing seems to be working the way it used to. There seems to be a disease engulfing all parts of society that threatens to destroy core values and every aspect of modern life.

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Inside Insight: Insulting His Majesty, Whoaa!

So, Ronaldo, the Great Field Marshall, is pissed.

And with him, Ancellotti (Angelotto?) and the whole of Spain, and Portugal, and the Government of Portugal, and – well, I guess GOD and Snow-white, too. Not to mention the Seven Dwarves, Superman, Donald and Daisy Duck and Roadrunner.

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Inside Insight: Obsessive-Compulsive (FIFA) Disorder, OC(F)D


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry; by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety; or by a combination of such obsessions and compulsions. Symptoms of the disorder include excessive washing or cleaning; repeated checking; extreme hoarding; preoccupation with sexual, violent or religious thoughts; relationship-related obsessions; aversion to particular numbers; and nervous rituals, such as opening and closing a door a certain number of times before entering or leaving a room.

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Inside Insight: Down under. Seriously?

fox news oz copy

The FFA – Australia’s Fabulous Football Association – have started to shout. Sometimes, one gets the feeling that people think the louder they scream, the more their argument rings true. Not so. Content still rules over tactics and style. And Australia’s most recent style is unique, to say the least.

There goes a sore loser. Nearly three years after having secured just a single vote (where two were promised “for sure”, and another 10 at least confirmed with hugs between old men,

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Inside Insight: That twisted thing

By Paul Nicholson, Editor-in-chief, Insideworldfootball

Disappointing habits are alive and well – actually thriving across all media. Insideworldfootball’s big scoop on Monday set the agenda for the day and a couple of days after – we’re proud of that and stand by every word of the interview as it was printed.

But let’s get this straight from the start. At no point did FIFA’s president ever say that awarding the World Cup to Qatar was a mistake.

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Inside Insight: ‘To Qatar or Not Qatar’, that is the (real) question

Winter or summer?

Confucius say: Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

A summer World Cup has always been the FIFA choice in the past. Ever since the first one in 1930 in Uruguay.

But then, in Switzerland for example, women were not allowed to vote until the sixties – hence women not voting “had always been the choice” until such time as they were allowed to become full-time citizens.

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Inside Insight: Qatar’s heat most felt in England?

Not an easy thing to figure all of this out, admittedly. When Qatar won the hosting rights over several rival bidders who were pretty sure that they would have beaten the peninsular state in the middle of the Middle East, there was plenty of crying about alleged foul play.

Several investigations later, be they internal, overt or covert, executed by ‘official investigators’ (such as chief FIFA investigator Garcia, who, one hears, is about to throw in the towel in favour of kitchen utensils,

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Inside Insight: That NSA Thing

The world has gone totally mad, hasn’t it? Ever since the “US citizen-without-a-passport”, Edward Snowden, went public and gradually released his material about global spying, institutionalized by US and UK spooks at the NSA and GCHQ, a storm of aggression has hit him and the US alike.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe (and somewhat ridiculous to compare with issues of real concern), a handful of people continue digging and investigating for a very handsome fee –

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Inside Insight: Just another day at the Confederations Cup of contrasts

Spain’s Confederations Cup semi-final win on penalties over Italy in Fortaleza was marred by more protests as 5,000 protestors clashed with police who responded with tear gas prior to the game.

Inside the stadium a 58,000 capacity crowd watched Spain break the world record by marching to 29 consecutive competitive matches unbeaten. A match that to the world’s TV audience had drama and celebration of the positive football kind – in abundance.

The vast majority of colour in the stadium was the yellow of Brazil and TV pictures couldn’t resist the image of the parents feeding their baby at half time.

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Inside Insight: Brazil unplugged

Brazil is rocked by (justified) demonstrations. While numbers vary, it is safe to assume that hundreds of thousands have and are taking to the streets to voice anger, frustration and dissatisfaction. With what, exactly, that remains a question to some. But it is a question that seems to get a wide spectrum of answers, depending on where the writer stands and from where the “independent” observer hails.

It is clear that Brazil’s economy,

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‘Ideological wars’ are ‘the new bitterness’

So, FIFA have had their congress which by some – mainly FIFA – was called “historic”, and by others a “whitewash”, “irrelevant” or worse.

Under the rainy skies of the African island nation of Mauritius, 209 FIFA Members met and the individual delegates cast their electronic vote. Actually, they also cast their more traditional manual vote in a secret ballot that determined which one of three women candidates would be FIFA’s first elected Executive Committee (Board) member.

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Inside Insight: Über Abschreiberlinge und andere Erstaunlichkeiten

Es schallt und raucht. Die Bildschirme biegen sich allenthalben unter dem Gewicht des Wortschwalls, der da laut und unmissverständlich aus angelsächsichen Laptops in den Cyberäther drängelt, dicht gefolgt von plagiarisierenden Deppen teutscher Sprache, die anstelle des Selbstgegorenen (weil eben schwieriger, eine eigene Meinung zu haben, als eine andere kopiert zu wiederkäuen), lieber den Schwachsinn aus englischen Landen, als die scheinbar abscheuliche Manna der “real existierende Rechstprechung” herumreichen.

Die Rede ist vom Abschreiberling, der – selber eher unzureichend mit Intellekt ausgestattet – die Kunst der Boulevaldisierung von allem und jedem bis hin zum Gehtnichtmehr beherrscht.

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Money rules The Game (what else is new)

Questions arise, and only the un-inducted don’t have answers. Why does football play such a central role in the world today? What is it that makes the wealthiest people in the world and the poorest sods alike flock to The Game religiously and cherish it beyond comprehension? What is it that makes football different, to the extent that pundits, writers and idiots alike make a living commenting about The Game, about those who own it,

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Inside Insight: No Irish, no blacks, no dogs.

no irish no blacks no dogs

The most recent spell of hooliganism in England (Millwall-Wigan and Newcastle-Sunderland matches) appears to have rung in a renewed era of primitive and vulgar fan behavior that had led to the ban of English clubs and the England team from international football in the 80s. Hooliganism defaced the English game throughout the 1970s and 1980s: in 1974, a Blackpool fan was stabbed to death at Blackpool’s home match with Bolton Wanderers. In 1985, after vile hooliganism of Liverpool fans led to the deaths of 39 Juventus supporters before the European Cup final at the Heysel Stadium,

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