US soccer legend, FBI informant, tax cheat, self-enricher, thief – Blazer passes

Chuck Blazer_28-05-12

By Andrew Warshaw

July 13 – Love him or loathe him, no-one can deny Chuck Blazer his legendary place in the annals of football politics. The burly American, whose admissions of guilt set off the corruption scandal that heaped disgrace on FIFA, has died aged 72 after battling cancer and other illnesses, bringing to an end one the most colourful and controversial careers in the history of the sport.

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Thinking big. Warner counter sues CONCACAF’s $20m with $40m claim, names Gulati

blazer and warner

By Paul Nicholson

April 26 – Five days after CONCACAF filed a lawsuit in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, claiming $20 million in damages against former executives Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer, Warner has responded by saying he will file a suit against CONCACAF for $40 million claiming “persistent defamation” of character. He also says he is suing US Soccer Federation president and FIFA Council member Sunil Gulati personally.

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