Jack is back…in court. But this time he is suing the Trinidad FA for $2.3m

August 1 – He has become the most notorious ‘villain’ still at large in world football – if the US indictments of 2015 are to be taken a face value – Jack Warner has returned to the Trinidad and Tobago courts. This time he is not fighting his extradition to the US – still on-going – but battling the local FA for $2.3 million of loans he claims he provided but hasn’t been repaid.

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A risk worth taking, says Moggio. Gold Cup stamps its identity on global calendar

By Paul Nicholson in Cleveland

June 24 – The Gold Cup in the US has now reached the end of the second round of games in what is a helter skelter schedule taking in 17 stadia in 15 cities – 13 in the US. Initially considered a risk with more teams and venues than ever before, the tournament has emphatically forced its way into the top tier of national team competitions in what is perhaps the busiest summer of global international competition ever.

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