Thinking big. Warner counter sues CONCACAF’s $20m with $40m claim, names Gulati

blazer and warner

By Paul Nicholson

April 26 – Five days after CONCACAF filed a lawsuit in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, claiming $20 million in damages against former executives Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer, Warner has responded by saying he will file a suit against CONCACAF for $40 million claiming “persistent defamation” of character. He also says he is suing US Soccer Federation president and FIFA Council member Sunil Gulati personally.

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News analysis: Of Qataris, Uncle Toms and Asian do-gooders

FIFA vote counting

By James Dostoyevsky

When Saoud Al-Mohannadi, the Qatari official who was disqualified from standing as an Asian member of FIFA’s ruling Council won a landmark appeal – well timed so that he couldn’t run for office next month – the (football) world was mighty surprised. His was a rare, a very rare, case for the FIFA Appeals Committee to overturn the “independent” FIFA Ethics machine, not merely by reducing a sanction but by vacating it entirely.

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