Ban on women footballers wearing hijab to be lifted

Iran womens_team_in_hijab_Amman_June_3_2011

By Andrew Warshaw in Baghsot

March 3 – The ultra-conservative International Football Association Board (IFAB), comprising FIFA and the four British Home Associations, rarely if ever reverses its decisions but made an exception by unanimously agreeing to lift the ban on the Islamic headscarf being worn by female footballers, pending health and safety checks.

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Aston Villa announce record losses

Darren Bent_2_March_

By David Gold

March 2 – Aston Villa have lost a record £54 million ($86 million/€64 million) for the year ending May 31, 2011, though they have made £92 million ($146 million/€109 million) in revenues, also a new club record.

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FIFA’s hijab ban is prejudice, insists Prince Ali

Prince Ali_Bin_Al_Hussein_01-03-121

By Andrew Warshaw in London

March 2 – Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein (pictured), the Jordanian FIFA powerbroker driving the global campaign to lift the ban on women footballers wearing the hijab, or Islamic headscarf, during matches says it would be a backward step if the game’s lawmakers ignore his demands.

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