David Owen: Why Blatter may yet be the real winner in FIFA’s vote for cash scandal


Another weekend approaches. All eyes in this turbulent 2018-22 World Cup bidding war will soon be turning again towards the Sunday Times.

After Wednesday’s dramatic media conference, complete with an appearance by the FIFA President himself, it seems to me this could now go one of three ways.

Scenario Number One: the well-resourced London newspaper unleashes its second volley; more FIFA Executive Committee members are embarrassed/forced to try and defend themselves;

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David Owen: End this rule-change voting system which unfairly favours Brits


I can still see the look of bemusement on the Brazilian journalist’s face.

It was in London a few years ago – in one of those expensive hotels along Park Lane.

Joseph Blatter, the FIFA President, had just explained the process by which the laws of football can be changed.

“So you mean to say,” the Brazilian journalist asked, still struggling evidently to grasp the enormity of what had been imparted,

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David Owen: FIFA bracing itself for more bad news

The Sunday Times exposé has exploded like a cannonball off the port bow of the good ship FIFA.

The allegations already spread across three broadsheet pages are damaging enough - although not everyone will have been surprised that the headline “World Cup votes for sale” should have appeared at some point in the campaign.

But there was the suggestion in yesterday evening’s FIFA statement that more unwelcome disclosures might be in store.

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