Barça closing €300m deal with LaLiga’s private equity partners CVC, reports

Barcelona logo

March 10 – Barcelona, who are challenging the legitimacy of LaLiga’s €1 billion venture capital deal with CVC in court, are nevertheless reportedly close to signing their own €300 million agreement with the investor.

Spanish reports say that CVC would acquire 10% of Barca’s audiovisual rights for the next 50 years.

With the cash strapped club struggling to regenerate its playing squad at title challenging levels, €70 million of the funding would be earmarked to increase the overall salary cap of the sqyad, enabling Barca to complete the singing of Erling Haaland in the summer.

The club believe that the new signings would enable them to challenge more competitively for Spanish and European titles next season. It is a business and funding model that looks to be built on the precarious requirement for sustained success at the highest levels.

Barcelona were knocked out in the group stages of the Champions League and currently lie third in the LaLiga top flight but 15 points behind Real Madrid. For most clubs that would deliver significant financial resources, but for Barca and its profligate approach to spending it is not enough.

Barça already have a €500 million loan recently agreed with Goldman Sachs and secured against the redevelopment of the Camp Nou and its surrounding footprint. The club is also locked into a deal to continue with the Super League project though it is a deal that so far has done them more harm than good financially and in terms of reputation.

Last week Barca, with Real Madrid and Athletic Club, lost an appeal in the Court of First Instance of Madrid to suspend the LaLiga Impulso project funded by CVC until a full ruling on their complaint is handed down.

Now Barca look to be playing both sides of the fence as they chase coin.

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