Crystal Palace is first Premier League club to debut channel on WeAre8 social media app

February 8 – Crystal Palace are the first Premier League club to sign up to socially conscious social media app WeAre8 with an official presence.

WeAre8 says it is “built to inspire and empower its citizens for 8 minutes a day with exclusive content from the world’s best creators and zero tolerance for hate.” The app sells itself on wanting to create a better world through social media, rather than a hate filled one.

The app also pays out rewards. Every time an ‘8Citizen’ watches an ad (ads can be turned off), money goes to charity. Users can choose to donate to charities supporting people, animals and the planet.

Crystal Palace will publish content on their 8profile which will be amplified across the app’s global ‘8stage’. WeAre8’s content feed is both algorithm and ad free. The Palace For Life Foundation will be added to the app’s list of charitable impact partners, enabling fans to use the app and donate to the club charity.

“If 1.5 million of Crystal Palace’s current social media followers joined us on WeAre8 and watched just two minutes of adverts a day; within one month we would see: £1.4 million donated to charity, £360,000 put towards carbon solutions and £18 million would go back to the people. Together, we really do have the power to use social media to create a better world,” said WeAre8 CEO and founder, Sue Fennessy.

8Citizens earn anywhere between 6p and 20p per ad watched. 50p of every pound of media spend goes to users, 5% goes to charitable partners and 1% to carbon offsetting. Of the money earned by users, they can pay it forward to good causes, or bank it themselves.

“It is well documented that professional footballers are often subjected to abuse and racist comments on other well established social media platforms. So it’s great to finally see a social media company taking an innovative stand against this widespread abuse by creating a platform that promises to be hate-free,” said Steve Parish, chairman of Crystal Palace.

“For our supporters to be able to earn a share of the ad revenue for watching ads is an interesting idea, and it’s brilliant that they can choose to pay that money forward to charities and causes like our Foundation.”

The first 20,000 people who download and create a profile on the Weare8 app using a relevant link will receive 50p into their app wallet. This will be matched by a further 50p being donated directly to the Palace for Life Foundation.

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