Benin elects Ahouanvoébla on platform of revival and promise of new era

Augustin Ahouanvoébla

By Mark Baber
October 2 – Augustin Ahouanvoébla has been elected President of the Benin Football Federation (FEBEFOOT) for a four-year tenure, as his ‘Revival of Football’ list (of candidates for office) beat Bruno Arthur Didavi’s ‘Renewal’ list narrowly by 23 votes to 21, with two votes declared invalid in the final round of the elective General Assembly held on Monday September 30 at the Palais des Congres in Cotonou.

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Khoza stands aside in South Africa, opening way for Jordaan or Mazibuko

Danny Jordaan

By Andrew Warshaw
September 2 – Danny Jordaan, the public face of the 2010 World Cup who has waited patiently to fulfil his ambitions amid a myriad political manoeuvring, is one step closer to snaring the most powerful football position in his native South Africa after his one-time ally turned bitter rival, Irvin Khoza, withdrew his candidacy for the presidential election on September 28.

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