TPO: A threatening or liberating force in football’s financial structure?

Money in football

January 29 – Third party ownership of footballers’ economic rights is a hot issue that raises questions of integrity, money being siphoned out the game, and unbalancing of the football market. The big European nations generally hate it, the South Americans, in particular, embrace it. Lawyer Pāvels Tjusevs  examines the business and draws some uncomfortable conclusions for football.

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Exclusive: Inside the Champagne FIFA presidential bid

jerome champagne2

By Andrew Warshaw, chief correspondent
January 29 – Just over a week after announcing he was running for FIFA president, Jerome Champagne has given the strongest hint yet that he will withdraw rather than stand against Sepp Blatter – and that he would readily accept a new position under his former boss if he fails to land the top job.

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Matt Scott: From Russia, with love. A financial history of Chelsea’s 10 Abramovich years

IWFcfcaccountsanalysis280114 Sheet1

“Is any of the opposition around?” “Not in any condition to be worried about.” Donald ‘Red’ Grant in conversation with James Bond, From Russia With Love

When Roman Abramovich pitched up at Stamford Bridge with his whirlwind takeover in 2003, few people outside Siberia or the oil-and-gas sector of industry and banking had ever heard of him. But in the decade since his unlikely transformation from governor of Chukotka to guv’nor at Chelsea,

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Parreira laments lost opportunity for Brazil of World Cup

Carlos Alberto Parreira

By Andrew Warshaw
January 28 – Brazil’s assistant coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has added his voice to growing concerns over delays in World Cup preparations, saying it’s “a joke” that it took so long to start work on some of the infrastructure projects and blasting the authorities for “total neglect”.

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Denial and debate as Anelka race storm rumbles on

Anelka and Zoopla logo

By Andrew Warshaw
January 28 – Former French international striker Nicolas Anelka has pledged to stand his ground and not quit despite being charged by the English Football Association over his allegedly racist ‘quenelle’ gesture that continues to rumble on in both Britain and his homeland.

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