Euro 2024

Italy steal crucial points from Croatia with dramatic added time equaliser

June 24 – A thrilling game that ran far deeper than its slender scoreline, Croatia’s sweetheart Luka Modric looked to have cemented his side’s place in the Round of 16 with a decisive goal versus Italy. Until the 8th minute of added time.

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Libya plans to build new stadia for AFCON 2017

libyan football

By Mark Baber
April 11 – Libya’s minister for Youths and Sports, Abdussalam Guaila has confirmed that Libya is planning to build a 60,000 capacity stadium in Tajoura, Tripoli and a 23,000 seater in Misrata for the 2017 African Cup of Nations. 

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Osasu Obayiuwana: Good governance requires good information

Two years ago, whilst at the Championship of African Nations (CHAN) tournament in Khartoum, Sudan, I bumped into a FIFA official, often tasked with the duty of firefighting governance problems in various national associations across the world.

When we sat down, for a frank conversation about the challenges of improving football administration in Africa, I made it clear that better methods need to be devised by FIFA, in order to ensure that good governance is prevalent amongst the continent’s national associations.

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Lee Wellings: Blue storm building in south east Asia

A violent thunderstorm rages while we talk in Singapore, but Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck is a man used to dealing with turbulence.  Including the furore over the club’s ruthless attitude to sacking managers.

” I know we have fired what most people would say are a lot of managers  – terminated their relationship is a better way to describe it – but we’ve always thought long and hard when we’ve done it,” said Buck.

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Pompey fans win control of club and ground in last minute deal

pompey fans

By Andrew Warshaw
April 11 – After years of pain, heartache and broken dreams, the biggest fan ownership in the history of English football has finally been rubber-stamped after administrators of Portsmouth football club struck a last-minute deal for the sale of the club’s ground hours before the High Court hearing was to rule on its value.

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Mihir Bose: The Iron Lady was never a football ‘person’ but had a shaping influence

Mrs Thatcher’s death not only marks the passing of a leader, the like of which we may not see again, but it also marks a watershed in sport.

Thatcher was the last of the British Prime Ministers who did not care about sport. Her husband Denis was passionate about sport, particularly his golf and was a former rugby referee, her son Mark played cricket for Harrow’s first XI but Mrs Thatcher could not understand why people cared about sport.

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Noisy reaction from football for a minute’s silence for Maggie

thatcher and Liverpool

By Mark Baber
April 10 – A proposal by two politically right-wing-leaning football figures for a minute’s silence before this weekend’s Premier League fixtures, in tribute to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, has been met with an almost unanimously hostile reaction from English football fans and writers, who have been remembering her approach to football.

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