Emmanuel Hembert: Will Champions League final reflect increasing dominance of German Bundesliga within European game?

Emmanuel Hembert_15-05-12

Two European football giants, Bayern Munich (pictured below) and Chelsea (pictured bottom), will meet for the UEFA Champions League final this Saturday evening (May 19) in Munich. The match, pitting two of the biggest football nations, brings to the fore the power struggle we have seen between Germany’s Bundesliga and England’s Premier League, and between two economic powerhouses.

Back in 2009, we identified the Bundesliga as the main challenger to overtake the Premier League as the dominating force in European football.

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Mihir Bose: Blackburn Rovers fiasco shows football is just too big and too important to self-regulate any longer

Mihir Bose

This may not come as much comfort to Blackburn Rovers supporters, but one result of their relegation and how Venky’s, their Indian owners, have managed, or rather mismanaged, the club, is that, at last, high profile politicians may be persuaded that self-regulation in football does not work.

This could even lead to legislation. I am given to understand it might it, and if it does, it will mark a significant development in British football.

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