Jean Francois Tanda: Swiss are taking anti-corruption reforms into their own hands

Deutsche fassung 

Today, in Switzerland, corruption is only a crime when it involves state employees or – in the private sector – when it occurs in a competitive environment. This will change soon.

Last week, the Swiss government published a proposal to tighten their corruption law. Even though, officially, it does not target FIFA, it is clear that the new law is nothing else than a Lex FIFA.

Since 2006,

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Match-fixing hits Mauritius… just in time for FIFA Congress

Mauritius FA

By Andrew Warshaw
May 20 – The timing could hardly be more embarrassing. Just days before the great and the good of world football roll into town for the FIFA Congress, the Indian ocean island of Mauritius – usually known more as a luxury holiday destination than for any major involvement with football – has been hit by a match-fixing scandal.

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