Western Union PASSes expectations with Europa League

Western Union - PASS

By Andrew Warshaw in Amsterdam
May 16 – However fortuitous Chelsea were in their Europa League victory over Benfica on Wednesday night, behind the scenes tournament sponsors Western Union were celebrating their own special landmark. Commercial partners traditionally deliver all kinds of reasons, some more credible than others, for getting into bed with football to enhance their brand awareness. But sometimes a campaign looks such an obvious fit, it seems destined for immediate success.

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Mihir Bose: Mancini’s sacking raises questions about the faceless men of football

It would be easy to say that the sacking of Roberto Mancini shows the short-term mentality that is now part of DNA of owners. If a manager, who secured City their first League title for over 40 years, can be sacked a year after that triumph, then no one in modern football is secure. Yet the Italian’s departure raises questions about the faceless men of football, they are all generally men, the people who really manage the club but who never,

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Lee Wellings: Fourth is the new first

What have Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City and Real Madrid got in common?

It’s not just that they were drawn together in the toughest group in the Champions League this year.

They also all finished a distant and disappointing second in their domestic leagues.

Dortmund can be excused of course. They have achieved miracles in the Champions League, and who’d really be able to keep up with Bayern Munich the way they have played throughout 2012/13.

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Zenit loses CAS appeal, with points staying with Dynamo Moscow

zenit fans

By Mark Baber
May 15 – The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld the award of a 3-0 win to Dynamo Moscow, imposed by the Football Union of Russia (FUR), after the game between Dynamo and Zenit was abandoned after Dynamo’s goalkeeper was hit by a flare thrown by Zenit fans. The panel also rejected Zenit’s requests to sanction Dynamo Moscow.

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