Euro 2024

Sagnol keeps Georgia focussed ahead of finals debut against Turkey

June 18 – Georgia manager Willy Sagnol has warned his players to focus ahead of their tournament debut against Turkey in Group F in Dortmund today. 

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France squeeze past Austria in hectic finale

June 17 – In a test of character, France laboured past a stubborn Austria 1-0 to open their account at Euro 2024 with three points, but star player Kylian Mbappé left the play with blood streaming from his face. 

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Blatter perplexed by UEFA’s reform statement


By Andrew Warshaw, Chief Correspondent

February 11 – FIFA president Sepp Blatter has hit back at criticism by UEFA of the reform process he instigated almost two years ago in the wake of widespread corruption. The reform process will reach its eagerly awaited conclusion at the FIFA Congress in May.

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[b]John Yan:[/b] 逃离上海滩 Escape From Shanghai


作者:颜强 网易门户副总编

By:John Yan,Deputy Editor of



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David Owen: Why Platini’s Grande Idée makes sense for Africa

David Owen_IWF

By David Owen

I came upon a prescient article from the Washington Post today.

It was about a West African country where poverty was said to be fuelling a resurgence of Muslim fundamentalism.

“People want schools, they want medical attention for their children,” a local sociologist was quoted as saying.

“But who is listening to them?

“Islamists, who provide them with water and fertiliser to believe the solutions are found in religion.

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Harris lines up a bid for Pompey

keith harris

February 8 – One of English football’s best known boardroom faces, Keith Harris (pictured), looks set to get back into the game with a bid for Portsmouth, the former Premier League club currently stuggling in League One.

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EU report calls for reform of transfer system


By Mark Baber

February 8 – A European Commission study on the economic and legal aspects of player transfers says the transfer system has to change to bring it into line with the original rationale for sport to be alowed to differ from normal employment practices.

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