Mihir Bose: Beyond the Premier League ‘top table’ clubs should adopt a “realistic” blueprint for survival

Mihir Bose

Change in football (let alone the wider society) is difficult to predict. It is often best left to historians with their long lenses to look back and tell us when one era ends and another begins.

However, despite the fact that we do not know for sure who will win this season’s English Premier League title, it is my firm belief that this campaign marks a momentous season of change in the Premiership – the third such change since the Premiership started 20 years ago.

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Andrew Warshaw: Is the lack of fanfare at the London 2012 football draw a sign of things to come for the tournament?

Andrew Warshaw_new_byline

There were no oooos and aaahhhs from either the dignitaries or the media seated respectfully in the bosom of the national stadium.  Not much of the usual celebrity spotting.  In fact, a minimum of razzmatazz.

Compared with the equivalent events preceding the World Cup and European Championships, it was all rather low key.

Yet there was no doubting the significance of today’s Olympic football draw at Wembley for organisers of London 2012.

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