Analysis: Are 104 games the way forward for the 2026 FIFA World Cup?

world cup

March 13 – This week in Kigali, Rwanda, in and around its Congress, FIFA will discuss proposals to change the opening group stages of the 2026 World Cup from three to four teams. Mario Guajardo and Alex Krumer, business and economics professors at universities in Norway are specialists in studying formats and schedules for sports competitions. They analyse some of the options available to FIFA.

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9 steps: Ways England’s top flight clubs are improving mental health for players and fans

March 13 – Mental health has become a critical issue in today’s footballing landscape with the growing recognition across the game that it is as important as physical health.  This is still relatively new, following decades of an unhealthy emphasis on bottling up emotions. It is a habit that is gradually being deconstructed with England’s top flight clubs increasingly at the forefront of a revision of attitudes.

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