FIFA condemned over England poppy row

England poppy_shirt

By Andrew Warshaw

November 5 – FIFA have been quick to launch a clarification after war veterans condemned them for refusing to allow the England team to wear poppies on their shirts when they play world champions Spain at Wembley Stadium on November 12 – on the eve of Remembrance Sunday.

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Sepp Blatter: Mistakes were made, some of them horrific, but we are determined to remedy the ills of the past

Sepp Blatter_for_insideworldfootball

Dear readers of insideworldfootball

On the occasion of the 13th edition of the International Football Arena (IFA) conference in Zurich, on November 7 and 8, I will present updates and reflections that underline our road towards a different FIFA. The 200 opinion leaders from around the world, gathered at the IFA, will witness our determination to remedy the ills of the past, and how we intend to improve the way we do business.

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