Andrew Warshaw: Punishments to Caribbean officials don’t add up

Andrew Warshaw_new_byline

Sepp Blatter has made much of the need to crack down on corruption following the highly publicised bribery scandal and a raft of other misdemeanours within his organisation. Yet there is mounting criticism of the token punishments handed out by FIFA’s Ethics Committee to those who either took or were offered bundles of cash back in May.

Just when FIFA could have made an example of the guilty Caribbean officials who attended the infamous Trinidad meeting,

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Morocco to host both 2013 and2014 FIFA Club World Cups

Moncef Belkhayat_18-10-11

By David Gold

October 18 – The Club World Cup, which sees the winners of the European Champions League and the Copa Libertadores compete against teams around the world who have won their respective continental club competitions, is set to be hosted by Morocco in 2013 and 2014, insideworldfootball can reveal.

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