Jim Cowan: What lessons can your business learn from England’s World Cup failure?

Jim Cowan

Okay, we’ve all calmed down a little, we’ve had time to consider and reflect and, if we’re honest, most of us have moved on, putting England’s display in South Africa behind us.

But before we do confine it to the annals of historic footballing let downs, let’s look at the experience from a different perspective; what can we learn from the numerous reasons offered for the failure which could improve our own  performance in whatever it is we do for a living?

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Mihir Bose: Premier League is something to be proud of but Government still ready to intervene

English football presents a contradiction that could well be the subject of a novel, but not even the greatest of novelists could come up with a solution to its problems.

The last week has provided a vivid illustration of that. It saw a representative of football accompany the Prime Minister David Cameron as he went on his “mission with humility” to India hoping to sell goods and services to the country Britain once ruled.

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Russia beginning to pick-up pace of World Cup bid

By Andrew Warsahw

July 29 – Russia has hauled in its big-hitters, including Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, to take part in a high-profile sports forum a fortnight before becoming the first European candidate for the 2018 World Cup to be scrutinised by FIFA’s six-man inspection team.

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