In Britain football is more important than sex, clubs more exciting than jobs

By Paul Nicholson

March 16 – A survey by Champions League sponsor Nissan has found that football gets Britons (56% of them) more excited than sex; and that they spend more time watching football than participating in sex.

In an average week Brits spend more than an hour’s worth of their time watching football than they do having sex (3.5 hours versus 2.1 hours).

And while they believe Europe’s most exciting teams and players are in Spain’s La Liga, 22% think Leicester City are more exciting to watch than Atlético Madrid or Juventus. But they believe the three most exciting players to watch are Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez, and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo,

The British do rate their favourite football clubs as more exciting than their jobs – nearly one in three (30%) chose their football club, compared to less than one in five (16%) who chose their job.

Nissan is partnering with sports science experts Loughborough University to develop the first ever Nissan Excitement Index. According to a Nissan press release: “The Excitement Index aims to explore and understand the science behind fan excitement, with live ‘excitement experiments’ on real pairs of football fans during UEFA Champions League games, and determine a scientific formula that demonstrates some of the key elements which make for the most exciting type of football match.”

Other survey results found:

– while they spend more time each week with their partner (20.1 hours) or pursuing a personal passion / hobby (5.3 hours) they don’t rate this time to be as exciting as football—less than half of Brits describe these activities as exciting

– British men (67%) are much more likely than British women (46%) to get excited about watching football; men (57%) are also much more excited about having sex than are women (39%)

– Given just an hour’s worth of time to spend doing something exciting, 30% of British men say they would spend the time watching football, which is on par with those men who would spend that time with partner (32%)

– What gets British women excited: having a day out with their family (61%), finding a great deal (49%) and a night out with friends (46%)

– Men (37%) are most likely to rate their favourite football club as one of the top-two exciting aspects of their lives (versus 23% of women)

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