Transfer spend: Everton’s £85m guarantees them Top 6 finish, say stats

Goodison Park

July 11 – Everton’s transfer spend already guarantees them a top six Premier League finish according to stats research. On average top 6 clubs spend £65.1 million per year. Everton have already spent £85 million on five new players.

The research from bookmakers analyses the last 10 seasons of transfers, looking at how much clubs spend against their next season’s performance.

The stats also look at which positions clubs need to prioritise to improve their points tally season-to-season, finding that a a left winger, defensive midfielder and a centre back provide an immediate performance boost.

The top lines stats are:

  • Each Premier League club has spent an average of £43.6 million per season and this has increased dramatically since the TV deals – in 2012, the average was only £28.8 million; in 2017, the average has trebled to £75.1 million
  • If a Premier League club spends less than £60m per season, they’re actually more likely to record less points than the previous season – 62% of clubs spending less than £20 million drop points; 54% of clubs spending £20-£60 million drop points
  • Spending £90m million significantly improves a club’s chances of improving on last season’s points tally – 60% improve on the previous year’s performance
  • 60% of clubs recorded less points in season’s they spent less than the previous year
  • To break into the top 4/Champions League places, clubs typically spend £78 million per year on average – perhaps explaining why Arsenal have been playing with fire and finally dropped out of qualifying for next year’s competition
  1. Left winger – top 20 spenders rewarded with 6.4 more goals and 3 additional points
  2. Defensive midfielder –  top 20 spenders saw a boost of 5.3 points and conceded 2.2 fewer goals
  3. Centre back – top 20 spenders conceded 2.2 fewer goals and gained 3 more points

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