CL draw produces spectacularly unbalanced groups, just ask Spurs and Celtic fans

By Mark Baber

August 25 – The draw for the UEFA Champions League group stage has produced some fascinating match-ups as well as groups of wildly uneven strength.

Group H, which includes Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund is the strongest group based on UEFA’s 2016/17 club coefficients, a fact alternately bemoaned and welcomed by Tottenham fans whose club sits in 20th place in the ranking (well behind Arsenal in 11th place – the strongest club in Europe not in the Champions League this season).

Whilst Spurs face a tough task, Liverpool and Sevilla are drawn in what is the weakest group on paper, facing trips to Spartak Moscow and Maribor.

Celtic also have an exceedingly difficult task ahead of them, drawn in Group B with European club aristocrats, Bayern Munich and Paris St Germain.

An analysis based on the UEFA club co-efficient ranking points, based on the results of clubs competing in the five previous seasons of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, show the teams with the highest percentage of ranking points in their group include:

Group E Sevilla 54.08669
Group C Atlético Madrid 44.56089
Group G Porto 44.34686
Group H Real Madrid 43.67111
Group B Bayern Munich 40.49679
Group D Barcelona 38.56756
Group D Juventus 35.69198
Group A Benfica 34.84065
Group F Manchester City 33.44237
Group C Chelsea 33.09121


The teams with the lowest percentages of points in their group include:

Group B Anderlecht 15.28901
Group A CSKA Moscow 12.33528
Group B Celtic 11.18571
Group E Maribor 10.11143
Group D Sporting Clube de Portugal 9.354217
Group E Spartak Moscow 8.905716
Group F Feyenoord 7.747767
Group G Leipzig 7.131579
Group H Apoel Nicosia 6.466815
Group C Qarabag 5.624683


The groups with 2016/17 UEFA club co-efficients:

Group H: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Tottenham, Apoel Nicosia 405.3

Group D: Juventus, Barcelona, Olympiakos, Sporting Clube de Portugal 394.111

Group B: Bayern Munich, Paris St-Germain, Anderlecht, Celtic 382.857

Group A: Benfica, Manchester United, Basel, CSKA Moscow 321.069

Group C: Chelsea, Atlético Madrid, Roma, Qarabag 320.907

Group F: Shakhtar Donetsk, Manchester City, Napoli, Feyenoord 299.596

Group G: Monaco, Porto, Besiktas, RB Leipzig 222.938

Group E: Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, Liverpool, Maribor 208.922

Group match days:

Match day one: 12 – 13 September

Match day two: 26 – 27 September

Match day three: 17 – 18 October

Match day four: 31 October – 1 November

Match day five: 21 – 22 November

Match day six: 5 – 6 December

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