FIFA fines clubs for breaches of third party ownership rules

FIFA shadows

April 19 – In the latest crackdown on third party ownership of players, FIFA have handed out a raft of sanctions to clubs for transfer deals.

FIFA bans clubs and players from entering into such agreements with outside investors and have hit Portugal’s Sporting Lisbon with a fine of CHF 110,000 €91,880) for “entering into two contracts that enabled a third party to influence the club’s independence as well as for failing to record an existing third-party ownership agreement”.

Benfica, Portugal’s most famous club, have been fined even more,  CHF 150,000 (€125,294) for the same breach.

Spain’s Rayo Vallecano has been CHF 55,000 (€45,941) and Celta Vigo CHF 65,000 (€54,294) for a deal which FIFA said “enabled Benfica to influence the club’s independence”.

And Qatari club Al Arabi has been fined CHF 185,000 (€154,529) “for entering into several contracts that enabled a third party to influence the club’s independence, for concluding third-party ownership agreements … as well as for a breach of confidentiality and a failure to enter correct and mandatory information in the International Transfer Matching System (ITMS) in the framework of the transfers of seven different players.”

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