Match fixing: $150k offered to three Belgian women’s youth players to fix game

November 29 – Three players from Belgium’s U16 women’s team were approached in a match fixing attempt during an international tournament this year, the Belgian FA (KBVB) has revealed. 

The FA’s integrity officer Thibault De Gendt confirmed rumours while speaking to the Flemish parliament about fraud in the game.  “It concerns three girls of 15,” De Gendt said. “After a training (session) they were approached by a Turkish man who offered them $50,000 each to influence a game.”

“The girls immediately informed the KBVB. Subsequently, the international unions (UEFA and FIFA) were informed, and the federal prosecutor’s office as well. The research is still ongoing.

“With this example, I want to show that match fixing can indeed take place at every level of football’, said De Gendt. “Also in youth football. It therefore remains very important to inform players from an early age and to warn them of the dangers of match fixing. We will continue to use this as a football association in the future.”

In October, Belgian football was shaken to its core following nationwide police raids that led to arrests of multiple agents, referees and coaches in a wide-ranging investigation into corruption and match-fixing in the game.

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