SIGA gets SIRVS up and running with first audit of international federation

November 25 – The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) have completed the first certification of a sports federation via its SIRVS audit and rating system – SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System.

SIRVS is a tool for federations governance, integrity, transparency, and accountability. The federation is audited by an independent third party – SIGA have contracted with the BSI (British Standards Institution) – with the audit based on SIGA’s key universal standards of Good Governance in Sport; Financial Integrity and Transparency in Sport; and Sports Betting Integrity. A fourth pillar based on youth development and child protection is currently being prepared.

The SIRVS certification is valid for three years with a review every twelve months.

UEFA currently has a co-operation agreement with SIGA across a broad range of integrity issues, including development of SIGA’s Universal Standards. However, the first confederation to compete the SIRVS audit is the European Rugby League federation which received a silver standard.

SIGA’s Global CEO, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros (pictured), said: “Today is a historic day for SIGA! Today is the day when our vision of an independent sports governance audit tool – SIRVS – is a realit, – fully operational and ready to support the sports industry to enhance good governance standards around the globe. This is the game changer that is overdue and will provide certainty to all those that support sport, from the fans in the stadiums, to the sponsors, media partners and the athletes themselves, – that sport is fit for purpose and worthy of both their trust, time, and financial investment.”

A significant incentive for achieving SIRVS certification for federations will be the stamp of good governance they can show to potential sponsors and partners. Increasingly sponsors want reassurance that their money is being spent correctly and for the benefit of the sport, and that by associating with a federation or event there is no risk of reputation damage.

ERL’s General Manager, David Butler, stated: “The independence of the audit is key as it gives our members and our partners assurances that we haven’t marked our own homework and that European Rugby League stands up to the high standards that SIRVS sets.”

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