Juve attempt plea deal to end legal proceedings early and keep Conference League slot

May 30 – Juventus have had their second trial for financial misconduct brought forward to today, from June 15, after agreeing a plea agreement with the FIGC Federal National Court.

The club currently have a 10-point deduction (reduced from 15 points) that sees them currently in seventh place in Serie A and in the qualification spot for the Conference League. They are a point behind Roma in sixth place and Europa League qualification, with one game to play.

They are hoping that by pleading guilty and not appealing the latest points deduction ruling they will be treated leniently with the second case.

Juve want to take any new or extra penalties in the current season and not have outstanding legal cases running into the 2023/24 campaign. The club said the cases have been unsettling for the players in their last two matches and that the club needs stability.

Italian media is speculation an added sanction would be a maximum of a further two points deducted for the current season and a large fine.

A sanction at that level would still pretty much guarantee them Conference League qualification next season – eight place Torino are six points adrift of Juve.

The current charges against Juve are for alleged salary manipulation and illegal dealings with agents and other clubs. Juve say this is a different case from the first and should not be considered in conjunction.

“We have said from the start very clearly that we feel we were punished unjustly, that it has been disproportionate, that we started the trial accused of violating one article, but concluded it condemned for a completely different one,” said Juve director Francisco Calvo before the club’s loss at the weekend.

“That is water under the bridge now, this is definitive and we are focused on the pitch.”

And getting off their last financial fair play infringement lightly.