SIGA’s Sports Integrity Week to include Public Hearing on the future of Brazilian football

August 18 – As part of SIGA’s Sports Integrity Week an independent study will be launched in a special session on September 5 that has the future of football in Brazil as its central theme.

The event aims to unite representatives from diverse sectors to address the critical challenges and reforms in Brazilian football.

Organised in Brasilia, in partnership with SIGA Latin America, this Special Session will also include a Public Hearing under the auspices of the Special Subcommittee dedicated to the modernisation of football in the country.

Key figures from the world of football – including CBF, state federations, Serie A and Serie B Brazilian clubs, player and coach associations, sponsors, broadcasters, fans, and relevant public officials – are invited to the Brazilian Congress in Brasilia to voice their concerns and perspectives.

The dialogue between the parties will be formalised via a Cooperation Agreement, which will shine the spotlight on the official presentation of The Independent Study on the Future of Brazilian Football that SIGA Latin America will spearhead.

SIGA’s Global CEO and Chairman and CEO of SIGA Latin America, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros (pictured far right), will lead the project.

“Brazilian football stands at a transformative crossroads. Our forthcoming Independent Study will pave the way towards the future of Brazilian football, setting a forward-thinking, action-oriented and reform-driven trajectory,” said Macedo de Medeiros.

“Leveraging our three decades of experience at the forefront of professional football, we are committed to championing its evolution and upholding its integrity,” he continued.

“We invite every stakeholder to come forward, participate in this process and make their contribution towards a truly sustainable, credible and respected football landscape. It is a football that not only assumes its responsibilities towards Brazilian society and economy, but also enhances Brazil’s global stance in the world map, especially as it gears up for the G20 presidency.”

Congressman Eduardo Bandeira de Mello, who serves both as the rapporteur for the Special Subcommittee and as President of the Parliamentary Front on Football Modernisation, added:

“Our goal is to bolster football through public policy, driving improvement and modernisation anchored in environmental, social, and governance principles. It’s imperative to engage in deeper discussions with football clubs to ensure financial fair-play and sustainability, while maintaining equitable representation and negotiation power in both image and sporting capacities.”

SIGA’s Sport Integrity Week, takes place between September 2 – 9. Follow the highlighted link to register for the online events.

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