Blatter takes plunge by dropping a bomb on ‘preposterous’ divers

Blatter and diving

By Andrew Warshaw
January 3 – In his first public pronouncement of 2014 on the game’s ills, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has denounced the “deeply irritating” practice of diving and has urged referees to take stronger action. In his latest column in FIFA Weekly magazine, Blatter doesn’t hold back on the subject of simulation which continues to infuriate fans and which he clearly would like to stamp out ahead of this year’s World Cup.

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Handshake for Peace protocol debuts in Morocco at Club World Cup

Handshake for Peace

December 11- The opening game of the FIFA World Club Cup today in Morocco will see the first time the official Handshake for Peace has been integrated formally into the match protocol. The Handshake for Peace campaign is a joint initiative between FIFA and the Nobel Peace Center in Norway and will feature at all the matches in the Club World Cup.

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