China targets trillion $ sports growth as Wanda weaves its magic

Liu Peng

December 30 – China’s drive to boost its sports business and make it a key part of its economy was given renewed emphasis this week by the country’s sports minister, Liu Peng (pictured). At the same time the Dalian Wanda Group that has been growing in sports via European acquisition announced it had set up its sports headquarters in Guangzhou, the Capital of Guangdong province.

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Match-fixing overlord Dan Tan wins release from jail in Singapore

Dan Tan

By Andrew Warshaw
November 25 – In what will doubtless be regarded by Interpol and anti-corruption watchdogs as a major setback in the global fight against match-fixing, Tan Seet Eng, otherwise known as Dan Tan, the suspected kingpin behind a string of cases that reportedly netted millions of dollars, is a free man after winning a Court of Appeal ruling in his native Singapore.

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