US Soccer faces NASL antitrust lawsuit over new rules ‘protecting’ MLS

Sunil Gulati

By Ben Nicholson
September 3 – The North American Soccer League (NASL) is challenging the legality of the United States Soccer Federation’s (USSF) criteria change to Division 1 sanctioning. The new requirements allegedly serve as a “bait and switch” that gives preferential treatment to Major League Soccer (MLS) in violation of antitrust laws, which are laws that regulate the conduct and organisation of business corporations that seek to promote fair competition.

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Turf wars: Soccer v Football in America’s back yard

soccer vs football

By Mark Baber
August 19 – As the NFL inches gradually towards possibly setting up a franchise in the UK with the official support of the ruling Conservative Party, a set of data-points drawn together by Texas-based data specialists UMBEL give an insight into how soccer is rapidly becoming a mainstream sport in the USA.

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