Mihir Bose: FIFA may lack the power to reform itself


Reform is the cry of the hour for FIFA. But, the question is: where does the reform start? It is not enough to open up FIFA in Zurich.

For real reform, we need to go to the heart of the organisation which extends beyond Zurich around the world. Without a worldwide fundamental structural reform, no amount of changes in Zurich will enable FIFA to come out of the crisis that has engulfed it.

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Sepp Blatter: It gives me no joy


Ever since FIFA announced that its Ethics Committee will conduct a hearing this coming Sunday into allegations of bribery supposedly committed by my opponent in the race for FIFA’s presidency, some remarkable, some very concerning, some serious but also some truly asinine comments were made.

To make a point very clear, let me say this: I take no joy in having to observe yet another Ethics Committee hearing and investigation. And I take absolutely no joy in seeing my friends and colleagues of many years dragged before the ethics committee which was convened after the United States ExCo Member Chuck Blazer filed a complaint against my contestant and his own Confederation President.

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