Euro 2024

Portugal beat Czechia with dramatic added time winner

June 18 – It took a goal in added time in Leipzig for Portugal take all three points with a 2-1 win against Czechia in a game they dominated from start to finish.

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Mihir Bose: Can we any longer allow football to regulate itself?

The recent disclosures about the scandals in world football, so graphically documented on this website, not only raise serious questions about football and its lack of morality but also about how such issues are treated in the western media.

That football has become a business is now so taken for granted that it hardly seems worth repeating. However the problem with the football business is that the business is self regulated. That may be true of all sport but no sport is such a huge business that football has become in the last two decades.

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Al Serkal bites back with letter to FIFA and AFC members

yousuf al serkal

By Andrew Warshaw
May 1 – Any chance of Thursday’s Asian football Presidential election vote being cleanly contested has totally evaporated following an unsavoury 11th-hour spat between the two front-runners, both of whom have thrown verbal grenades in each other’s direction, prompting the intervention of FIFA.

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Andrew Warshaw interviews Hassan Al-Thawadi on his bid for FIFA’s executive committee

During the increasingly fractious battle in Kuala Lumpur to become President of Asian football, it has been conveniently overlooked amid the political in-fighting that the position is effectively transitionary and only for 18 months.

Potentially far more significant is the other separate vote for a spot on the FIFA executive committee – the most powerful elite gathering in world football. Not least because it is a four-year term as distinct from just keeping the seat warm for possibly someone else.

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Is your boyfriend reading this?

justin fashanu

By Mark Baber
May 1 – NBA player Jason Collins this week became the first active competitor in a major American professional sport to announce he is gay, shining the spotlight on homophobia in football around the world, as we approach Friday’s 16th anniversary of the tragic suicide of Justin Fashanu (pictured), Britain’s first £1m black footballer and still the only prominent player to come out as gay to date.

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Al Medlej pulls out of AFC presidency race

hafez al medlej

By John Duerden in Kuala Lumpur
May 1 – Outsider Hafiz Al Medlej of Saudi Arabia as expected quit the race to become the next president of the Asian Football Confederation today, just hours after exclusively revealing to InsideWorldFootball that he was on the verge of pulling out of the running.

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Sri Lanka’s Fernando handed 8-year ban


By Andrew Warshaw, chief correspondent
May 1 – The timing could hardly be worse. On the eve of the vote to clean up its act, Asian football has been rocked by yet another embarrassing scandal after Sri Lanka’s Vernon Manilal Fernando, one of the continent’s most powerful administrators, was kicked out of FIFA for eight years over unspecified unethical wrongdoing.

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Osasu Obayiuwana: Football, racism and me…

I had initially planned to do a piece on the parlous state of Cameroonian football, after the humiliating failure of the not-so-Indomitable Lions, four-time champions of the continent, to qualify for the last two Africa Cup of Nations tournaments.

But, when a nosey-parker journalist – me, in this case – ends up in the news, rather than being in the preferred position of reporting it, one is left with no choice than to make the proverbial lemonade out of lemons.

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Jean Francois Tanda: Could FIFA Museum already be a thing of the past?

FIFA’s media office sent the invitation to media representatives twice. Obviously, the international football federation wanted to make sure that numerous journalists attend the event. On Twitter, FIFA President Joseph “Sepp” Blatter announced a “hugely exciting major project”. Only a few minutes later, he revealed he was talking about the FIFA Museum in Zurich.

The campaign worked well, and in front of numerous cameras and microphones Blatter could tell many journalists about his dream and his gift to the “sports city Zurich”.

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