David Gold: There are so many compelling reasons for the watching the London 2012 football tournaments

David Gold-2_Feb

Football at the Olympics is greeted with a shrug here in Europe. Sales of tickets for this summer’s Games in London demonstrate that point illustratively. A total of 1.5 million tickets for the football went back on sale at the end of November, months after the mad dash for seats in the original ballot. With 8.8 million tickets overall for the Olympics, this represents a significant share given that it is one of only 26 sports.

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Burrell breaks silence on cash-for-votes scandal

Horace Burrell

By Andrew Warshaw

February 2 – Horace Burrell (pictured), President of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), who was banned for six months – including three suspended – as part of last year’s cash-for-votes debacle, has broken his silence by admitting he failed to cooperate with the official investigation.

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