Inside Insight: That NSA Thing

The world has gone totally mad, hasn’t it? Ever since the “US citizen-without-a-passport”, Edward Snowden, went public and gradually released his material about global spying, institutionalized by US and UK spooks at the NSA and GCHQ, a storm of aggression has hit him and the US alike.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe (and somewhat ridiculous to compare with issues of real concern), a handful of people continue digging and investigating for a very handsome fee – what exactly? In a repetitive attempt, like hamsters in ring, these good men still try to find out whether Russia or Qatar or both did everything by the book, or whether – God forbid – some foul play was involved in 2010 when the bidding to stage the 2018 and 2022 World Cups had come to an end.

Of course it matters whether the two winners played fair. Let’s repeat that, of course it matters. And of course it matters whether some notoriously greedy folk were handed more than just a powerful presentation to arrive at the right conclusion. And that, of course, matters above all to the losers, doesn’t it?

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