FIFA’s global calendar shake-up: Who gets what for $25bn?

By Paul Nicholson

April 24 – Detail is starting to emerge on FIFA’s proposed $25 billion revamp of its global competitions structure.  With FIFA Bureau members heading for Zurich for emergency meetings and FIFA saying it will call an unscheduled FIFA Council meeting before its Congress in June, FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s cards, or at least some of them, are slowly being laid out on the table.

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La Liga posts record €3.6 billion revenue figure and promises more to come

April 23 – LaLiga has released record revenue figures for 2016-17 showing the Spanish league generating €3.662 billion, a 15.6% increase of €495 million on the previous season. LaLiga is moving aggressively in international markets and domestically to build the value of its commercial rights, vocally targeting the Premier League and its dominant international position, particularly as regards broadcast revenue.

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