Inside Insight: About sour puss and bread and games

If one looks at Europe, or the so-called Western world for that matter as a whole, the headlines scream economic and financial mayhem, massive youth unemployment, rigged Libor rates, faked growth figures, dishonesty everywhere, bankster madness and a complete disorientation if not alienation of large parts of society, literally everywhere.

Nothing seems to be working the way it used to. There seems to be a disease engulfing all parts of society that threatens to destroy core values and every aspect of modern life.

Countries that used to be desirable destinations for many, are fighting for economic survival, with rates of general unemployment so scary that only the blind and completely stupid can’t see what’s coming down on all of us who are caught in the modern scare that spells doom and downfall.

Juxtapose that with the world’s favourite pastime, football, and everything looks massively different. Or, does it? Enter: “panem et circensis”, in other words.

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