Inside Insight: Let’s destroy Russia, Qatar – and of course Brazil

It is a bit rough to be writing about such enormously important things like football when the world around us appears to be going completely bonkers. Wars in every corner of the square-headed globe, some idiot developing and launching ever “better” drones (they kill faster and with laser gun precision), robots that will replace humans by 2029, and are smarter – well, hardly a difficult task considering the stupidity that reigns everywhere where humans congregate.

But then, there is the other thing. That “bread and games” thing that this column has written about before and is offered to the clueless masses who have never understood a damned thing other than focusing on their own direct (assumed) needs. And those who are offering, are hardly devoid of any hind-thoughts. No, they are all good people of course, who work for good companies (called governments, these days) and have everybody’s best interest at heart. Well, kind of.

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