Guest column: ‘Plan U’ – Destroy FIFA, an excuse called Panama Papers

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When Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung received a message in spring 2015 that it would be receiving access to – as they say – some 11 million documents hacked out of Panamanian Law Firm Mossack Fonseca, the excitement was tremendous. One of Germany’s leading dailies was an odd target for whoever stole the documents from the large law firm in Panama, a solid US protectorate. The apparent logic was quickly established, considering that Mossack is a German national who chose to seek greener pastures in a land whose president had been kidnapped by the USA, tried and convicted in Miami, where he subsequently started to serve life in prison for all sorts of reasons (he is not the only former US ally who got thus busted once he had served his purpose).

Noriega’s land is a prime destination for the well-to-do (and stupid). Mossack quickly understood what could be done there and would be profitable, and when Obama signed the Free Trade Agreement upon remarkable lobbying by presidential candidate HRC, with a country that has less inhabitants than New York, the opportunities were greater than ever before: under the FTA with Panama, it is truly difficult for US Law to find and prosecute tax evasion culprits who are now even more protected than ever before, and certainly before 2011 when the FTA was signed. (see

So there went a massive data dump, and it ended up in Munich first, only to be later shared with an organization of journalists that is financed by the likes of the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller’s charity and the inevitable George Soros (whose claim to fame is to have nearly destroyed the British pound – and garnered a billion pounds in profits in the process over night  –  and certainly the Malay currency, which made him enemy number one under Mahatir Mohammed’s reign in the Tiger Economies). (see

What is amusing in this matter, is that football was not the original target nor anywhere top of the agenda, it is claimed, and poor Gianni Infantino was what one would have to call “collateral damage” – or was he?

A few months ago, FIFA – damaged goods already – “elected” a new president. The old regime had been duly dismantled, and renovation was on the agenda. An unlikely employee, two Mid Eastern Royals and two wishful thinkers stood in line to be crowned by the power that has no clout in football, but one that would run the game by the grace of US extraterritorialism.

The employee won, or did he?

As we now know, the Süddeutsche (and its allies down the line) knew full well that there was some potential dirt on poor old Gianni in Mr Mossack’s files: after all, they had nearly a full year to scrutinize the documents, and only a complete idiot (or a Gutmensch of sensational naïveté) would believe that the Cross Trading contracts were discovered just recently, after the election.

They were not.

The Germans and their US/UK allies knew full well that Jinkinsian dirt was floating around atop Gianni’s old employer UEFA. Or so they assumed. Because it remains to be seen whether the dirt will actually stick, or whether the entire Mossack induced brouhaha will end in irrelevance further down the line (we think not).

So, the decision was taken to wait. To support good old Gianni (who knew nothing) in his unlikely endeavor to be “elected” FIFA president, to let him climb the throne, and only then to hit him where it hurts FIFA most these days: in the gut. Meaning, in the realm of ethics and morality (duly “forgetting” of course that the largest offshore market place in the world are the USA and the UK, latter through its colonies). (see

Crown him, then hit him, then throw FIFA into the final phase of meltdown, that was “Project Downfall”, as it is known in certain circles that are not to be found in Europe (particularly since the UK was never part of Europe to begin with, and seems to be rapidly moving out as well. Cameron’s link to the Panama Papers may help to speed up the process, too).

Act One was to destabilize FIFA and proclaim that there was a FIFA Scandal. Of course the scandal was a US-CONCACAF and a Latin American CONMEBOL scandal above all, but that was quietly shoved aside: it had to be a FIFA Scandal (so far, not a single employee of FIFA has been indicted by US Law nor its subservient Swiss appendix, just for the record).

Act Two was to hire a Hollywood scriptwriter and determine the best set and backdrop for mass arrests and timing, and to repeat same for maximum propaganda value and thus create global attention and outrage for something that any bank worth its salt would laugh at (consider that HSBC were fined $1.9 billion for nefarious money matters – very much in league with Central American kingpins among others – and Standard Chartered for similar acts of money laundering: but not a single banker was ever arrested or indicted. Hmm.).

Act Three was to remember Germany’s Mr Gehlen and his abilities (yep, 1940s) and milk some snitches dry, thus digging a bit deeper and reshape some rubbery backbones, which had already been so bent that they had turned to mush in the hands of various FIFA slayers. This Act was particularly cleverly orchestrated, or so some thought: FIFA, by now entirely US-run and operated (the 100-million losses, largely induced by exorbitant legal fees, show clearly where the winds are blowing from), would be permitted to “elect” a new president, while the “electorate” would be softly reminded of the alternative if the wrong guy won: after all, virtually all African and Caribbean States have extradition treaties with the US, don’t they?

The man who had to win, won. But only barely. It was a slim victory and a near-split-up but it was enough to let him assume office. For a short while.

Because Act Three is really the Final Act? Once the world could see that even the new man is not above suspicion (although he probably is), since his reputation, too, is now sullied (although it probably shouldn’t be, not for this anyway), and once the organization was now mortally wounded (“It is time to dismantle FIFA”), the real plan can now be delivered.

It is “Plan U”, and it stands for the hostile take-over of world football’s governing body by the USA and the UK (latter seriously pissed off for decades, that after its Apartheid-supporting President Stanley Rouse, never had a chance of holding the reins again).

There will be much to say about this Mossack thing. And much more will be written and told about it, how the hack happened, who the hackers were and why they did what they did, and when.

But until such time, we as observers shall be looking on, bemused by the foul play of the very same people who invented foul play and who always had a plan. Fostered by an unbelievable hypocrisy, disguised as ethics and morality. The same ethics and morality that has written offshore criminality into its own laws, and who has always protected the 1% until the very end.  All that remains to be seen is when that end is nigh. FIFA’s end is clear and present. There won’t be an Act Four because like all tragedy, this play, too, has only three Acts.

By James Dostoyevksy, Washington D.C.

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