Brazilian politico promotes bill to make VAR compulsory

March 9 – Brazilian federal representative Edson Moreira has designed a bill that would make the use of the video referee compulsory in Brazil’s professional competitions. In February, Brazil’s elite clubs voted against the use of VAR. 

The bill proposes that the cost incurred for the video referee would be carried by the organisers of the competitions, namely the Brazilian Football Confederation, the CBF. At a previous vote the clubs had been burdened with the costs of VAR.

Back in February the CBF failed to explain why the club had voted against adopting the system, but local media reports suggested the 12-7 vote to reject VAR had to do with the costs. In the meantime, the CBF announced that the governing body will install VAR for a number of matches in the Brazilian Cup.

“The use of video referees was addressed and the clubs decided it will not be implemented in the 2018 Brasileirao (the first division championship),” the body said in a statement.

Last Saturday IFAB green lighted the use of VAR and enshrined the review system in the laws of game, paving the way for its use at the World Cup. Brazil, which had initially responded well to the experimental phase of VAR, now remains one of the big leagues without the system.

Moreira’s proposal will be scrutinised by the Chamber of Deputies and would also require a change in the Lei Pele.

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