SIGA Strives: Integrity group rolls out series of 30 initiatives

March 19 – Battling for sports integrity is not unlike the fight against coronavirus. You can’t see the enemy but you know that it is there and potentially can destroy everything you hold close. And you can’t let your guard down.

SIGA, who were forced to postpone their forum in New York this week, has launched a global campaign comprising 30 boosting measures and initiatives to keep sports integrity issues current and updated.

The 30 measures and initiatives will be released over the next 60 days.

“The purpose of SIGA STRIVES is to mobilise SIGA’s membership base in order to harness all like-minded organisations and individuals in the industry to continue the fight for greater integrity in sport despite the current state of emergency and crisis,” said a SIGA press release.

SIGA is encouraging all its members and supporters to share the SIGA Strives action plan.

SIGA Chairman, Franco Frattini, stated: “The humans are resilient. We are at the centre of the Universe, and we’ll destroy today’s invisible enemy! Let’s be ready for tomorrow, while strictly respecting all the prevention rules of today! Integrity and legality in Sport will last, and we should be prepared to act one second after the defeat of the virus. Support SIGA STRIVES’ ACTION PLAN!”

Strives stands for Succeed through,Thought Leadership, Resilience, Innovation, Values and Ethics in Sport.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO of SIGA and Chairman and CEO of SIGA AMERICA, said: “SIGA STRIVES is a strong call for action. We are at war against a common threat. Each individual and organisation have a role to play. We, at SIGA, are ready to play ours. Now is the time for leadership, not hesitation. It’s time to act as true united front. This is why, as an immediate response, we are putting in motion 30 boosting measures and initiatives during the next sixty working days.”

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