SIGA Strives 30: Integrity group launches Accelerator programme

June 22 – SIGA has completed the 30th call to action of its SIGA Strives initiative, marking the end of the campaign that has worked to keep sport integrity issues current during coronavirus crisis that has ripped the heart out of amateur and professional sport.

The campaign has galvanised SIGA and its members and supporters around a serious of ambitious integrity initiatives designed to raise awareness, increase debate and lay the groundwork for reform. SIGA Strives has also served as a recommitment to Sports Integrity issues as sports tentatively return to play in a time when – particularly professional sport – looks to be at its most vulnerable.

“In 60 working days, the world has not only experienced the threat of a global health pandemic, but it has also awakened a civil movement where the public are no longer satisfied with the status quo. They are demanding change and questioning leadership, and making their voices heard, with resounding impact. We must all strive to capture this spirit, seize the momentum and ensure this transition into meaningful change,” said SIGA CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros in a press release.

As its 30th boosting measure, SIGA has announced its SIGA Accelerator programme which will be delivered over the next six months and is designed to further drive forward a number of the initiatives emerging from the SIGA Strives campaign.

Prinicipal among those are:

  1. The implementation of the SIGA Universal Standards on Good Governance in Sport, Financial Integrity in Sport and Sports Betting Integrity, and the development of the SIGA Universal Standards on Youth Development and Child Protection in Sport.
  2. The SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS)
  3. The SIGA White Paper on Sport Integrity
  4. The SIGA Anti-Corruption Initiative
  5. The SIGA – UNESCO Business Case for Sport Integrity Project
  6. The Global Project on Financial Integrity & Transparency in Sport (FITS)
  7. SIGA Global Agenda for Female Empowerment and Leadership in Sport
  8. The SIGA Global University Network
  9. The SIGA Youth Council
  10. The SIGA Sport Integrity Awards
  11. The SIGA Action Plan on Gender, Diversity & Inclusion in Sport
  12. The SIGA Sport Integrity Week (7-11 September)

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