Women in Football report finds gender discrimination still dominates workplace

October 8 – A report by Women In Football has found that 66% of women have experienced gender discrimination in football.

Women In Football represents more than 4,000 women who work in the industry. In their largest survey to date, they also found that 34% of respondents had witnessed gender discrimination, while 82% of respondents felt that they have faced obstacles in their football career.

However, 66% of respondents did say that they felt supported by their employer.

Chair of Women in Football Ebru Koksal said the issues women face and the feedback to the survey made for “heartbreaking reading”.

“One story of bias, outdated perceptions and outright bullying is one too many. There is still a lot of work to do to ensure that women are encouraged to forge careers in the industry and this is where Women in Football will continue to play a big part.”

“It is our intention to drive the agenda forward together and to harness the power of our joint expertise, knowledge, skills, and experience to create improvements for all in the industry now, and for every person who will join in the future.”

The survey also highlighted the problem of reporting gender discrimination in the workplace with issues frequently “brushed under the carpet”, often justified under via the misused term “banter” becoming the most common form of discrimination.

Other findings:

– 81% have faced gender stereotyping in their career (agree and strongly agree).

– 52% have been overlooked for career progression (agree and strongly agree).

– Only 14% believe that women are encouraged to forge pathways to the highest careers in football (agree and strongly agree).

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