Massimo Cecchini: The Parma case Il caso Parma

If it was not a true story, the so-called Parma Case could make you laugh (or cry). Take a Serie A club, with a significant history (their roll of honour includes one Cup of Cups, one UEFA Cup, two UEFA Super Cups, three Italian Cups, one Italian Super Cup), located in one of Italy’s richest geographical areas and see if you make it fail, but not at the end of the season – this unfortunately actually happened to important clubs like Florence,

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Matt Scott: Tech giants will soon make their play in football’s rights bonanza


“Sin el futbol, mi vida no vale nada (Without football, my life is worthless).” Cristiano Ronaldo

It turns out that you do not have to be a two-time FIFA Ballon D’Or winner to take the view that football is the be-all and end-all of life. There are millions upon millions of people with a fanatical devotion to football and/or its clubs and billions more who take at least a passing interest in the game we love.

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Inside Editorial: Whistleblowers, fraudsters and bumboys. Just another day in football

On Monday Insideworldfootball ran a story titled ‘Whistle blown on FIFA whistleblower fraudster Mersiades’. The story was a pick-up from German public broadcaster ZDF’s interview with discredited Australian whistleblower Bonita Mersiades.

To re-cap the important part of the story: Mersiades, one of the FIFA whistleblowers in the FIFA World Cup bid investigation, has Australian court convictions for defrauding an Australian government department that employed her.

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John Yan: China breaks its reform mould 改革,挑战的开始

This could be the beginning of a new era for football in China, this could also be a new chapter in the history of football the sport. On March 16, the first Monday after the National Congress, the central government issued this document: The Overall Reform Plan For Football In China. It would be hard for us to find out a similar precedent that the national council would issue a formal policy, which covers up to 50 different issues in the football industry,

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David Owen: The Gill and Dyke Show, and why protectionism isn’t the answer for England

Watching developments in English football can be a trying business, whether we are talking on or off the pitch. So it is characteristic that a week which brought a big step forward in manoeuvring a respected English voice on to the sport’s top table should also have featured a proposal from the boss of the Football Association that would, in my opinion, represent a significant backwards step both for the Premier League and the England team he is trying to strengthen.

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Lee Wellings: Keepers have lost their value

How many goalkeepers are in the top 100 football transfers of all time?

Has their importance in football become strangely underrated? Has the lack of glamour in the position compared to the twinkletoes of outfield players blinded us, and indeed the transfer market, to the real value of a goalkeeper to a football team?

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