£2.6m for Arsenal’s top Gunner Gazidis

Ivan Gazidis

By David Owen

December 8 – Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis was paid over £2.6 million in emoluments over the year to May 31. A breakdown included in the annual accounts of Arsenal Holdings plc, recently filed at Companies House, reveals that on top of a basic salary of £1.67 million, Gazidis received a £919,000 bonus and pension and benefits totalling £29,000.

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Has bubble burst over West Ham’s London Stadium deal of the century?

December 4 – West Ham’s tenancy at the London Stadium has been controversial from the start. Accusations that the stadium was a government giveaway to the Premier League club seem to have now been backed up London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s announcement that he is stepping in to take over the running of the stadium that is costing the taxpayer £20 million a year.

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