US college coaches call for radical overhaul of NCAA season

NCAA soccer

By Ben Nicholson
July 29 – The noise is increasing for change in the USA’s college soccer system from a three-month stint to a year-long calendar season. The proposal recommends splitting the season between the fall and spring semesters. The proposal is for a 25-game season with conference championships being played in May, and the NCAA College Cup happening in June.

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Bien-Aime becomes second woman to head a national federation at TCIFA

Jeffrey Webb CONCACAF President Sonia Bien-Aime TCIFA President and Gordon Derrick CFU President

By Paul Nicholson
July 24 – FIFA executive committee member Sonia Bien-Amie has become one of only two female presidents currently heading their national federations, the other is Sierra Leone’s Isha Johansen. Bien-Aime was elected president at the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) at the association’s AGM earlier this week. She has been general secretary of the TCIFA for the past eight years.

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MLS TV viewing figures throw out a fuzzy picture

MLS tv

July 17 – With the 2014 World Cup over, and the US national team inspiring their nation for the duration of their stay in Brazil, eyes have turned to the MLS and particular attention to TV viewing figures and whether new-found national love of the world game is being sustained.

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